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In this episode we talk about Athanasius, the great church father (c. 298–373), nicknamed Athanasius Contra Mundum, Athanasius Against the World, among other things for going into exile five times during his bishopric.

Why does it matter to say, as Athanasius did, that Jesus is truly divine as well as truly human? What does it mean to say Jesus is truly divine as well as truly human? What’s at stake in other christologies (i.e., other ways of describing Jesus’ “being”)? And how does Athanasius’s christology alter our very perception of reality?


1. Athanasius “On the Incarnation of the Word,” “Festal Letter 39,” and “Life of St. Anthony.”

2. Paul R. Hinlicky, Divine Complexity: The Rise of Creedal Christianity

3. Jordan Cooper, Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis

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